Word Tower FRVR

Word Tower is a new take on the word search game. Instead of searching through a grid of words to find a specific word, in Word Tower you must build that word by climbing up a tower of letters without going back down again. It’s trickier than it sounds! This HTML5 word puzzle game is simple to pick up but challenging to master. You start with an empty tower and must select from multiple letters at the top of the screen to build words with your limited number of moves. Once you finish a word, you can't go back down that path again until you finish another one. If you get stuck, try opening new paths by switching your reserve letters or using all your

Word Tower Frenzy is a fast-paced word game where the more words you find in the grid, the higher your score. Sounds easy enough, right? Then let’s get started! In this word search game, you must find as many words as possible hidden in the grid by connecting letters vertically or horizontally, without worrying about sub-squares. Unlock and discover new word games every day with our dynamic leaderboard and global stats system. Ready to test your vocabulary?

Word Tower FRVR is a crossword-style word game where you have to connect letters with the same prefix or suffix to make words. It’s like a blend of Connect-5, BINGO and a word puzzle all in one! How high can you get before time runs out? Word Tower FRVR is free to download and play, but you can also purchase tokens as in-app purchases. If you like this game, also try our other word games like Wordscapes and Word

Word Tower is a new word puzzle game. It’s easy to play and hard to put down! Read the clue on the left side of the screen, figure out what word best fits in that spot, and then complete the sentence by spelling it correctly. If you’re stuck, try asking friends or looking up words in the official dictionary. Have fun challenging your friends and see who can get furthest in this exciting and addicting new

Word Tower

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