WordMeister is a beautiful, challenging and addictive word puzzle game. The object is to find as many words as possible from a grid of random letters. It’s simple to play – you just need to find as many words as you can in two minutes. But it’s hard to master! Are you ready for the challenge? WordMeister will test your vocabulary in new and exciting ways. With three different difficulty modes, this word puzzler has something for everyone. Even if you think that you don’t know enough words, we promise that there will be some surprises! WordMeister

WordMeister is a word and puzzle board game where you compete against other players to find all hidden words and advance your token as fast as you can. It’s challenging, it’s exciting and it’s relaxing – all in one! The game offers 3 difficulty levels so you can always enjoy it no matter how good you are at finding words. WordMeister comes with a built-in chat, so you can play with your friends or random opponents from all around the world. Are you ready to put your vocabulary to test and challenge yourself? Download the free trial version

Wordmeister is a fun and challenging word game that’ll keep you on your toes! It’s a new take on the classic word board game, Crossword, with a twist. You must rebuild each Wordmeister puzzle by finding related words in the grid and placing them in correct spots. Sounds simple? You will be surprised how challenging it gets! Words can be horizontal or vertical, intersecting or not, with one letter or It's up to you to figure out where they go! Play this educational and mind-teasing word game anytime you want to exercise your

WordMeister is a word puzzle game. Crosswords are so last century. WordMeister is a modern take on the word game that's more challenging, addictive and rewarding than any crossword you’ve ever played. It’s also a lot more fun. This interactive HTML5 game lets you enter your own words of between one and six letters to test your vocabulary and challenge your friends or family members. You can also choose from a library of pre-built puzzles for further hilarity or to see how many points you can score in two

Wordmeister is an addictive word puzzle game in which you will help the Meester to find his scattered words. Different themed levels with different word lists await you. You must find all hidden words within a limited amount of time. This might sound easy, but it gets challenging 

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