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Cryptic is a grid-based word search game where you must find all the words hidden in a series of cryptic clues. Each clue consists of a grid of letters and the aim is to find words hidden within them. When you discover a word, mark it with your pencil. But beware! Not all of the words are common: some may be anagrams, double definitions or phrases with alternate meanings. Once you’ve found all the words, uncover the final clue to solve the puzzle. Are you ready to take on this challenge? 

Cryptic is a brand new logic word game that will challenge even the most seasoned word nerds. The game comes with over 600 clues and sub-clues, which means there is plenty of opportunity to flex your puzzling brain! In this unique game you must deduce the correct answer from an array of cryptic clues. It's not as easy as it sounds! You'll need to be both logical and lateral in your thinking to succeed. 

Are you good with words and able to crack codes? Then check out this new 2D word-based puzzle game. Escape the room by deciphering the hidden clues and solving puzzles. You have to find your way through this labyrinth by cracking codes, finding hidden messages, and solving puzzles in order to escape the room and win. Exercise your brain with these tricky cryptic codes and get ready for a mind-bending

Cryptic is a 2D single player game with simple graphics. Your goal is to find hidden words in the grid by spotting visual patterns, hints and word fragments. There are three difficulty modes: beginner, normal and expert. Each level has a different number of hidden words, ranging from 8 to 21. Use your mouse or touch to play this logic puzzle game. Good luck and have fun solving these cryptic

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