Waffle Words

Waffle Words is a fun and challenging word puzzle game with waffles as the main theme. You can play two different modes: Arcade and Versus. In the arcade mode you play alone against the computer, while in versus mode you compete against another player or team of players. You will be given a grid of 9 letter squares, and your task is to find words that can be made from those letters by jumping from one letter to another in a diagonal direction (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). Some letters are locked, so you need to find a way to unlock them. There are also neutral letters that have no bearing on unlocking any other letter. The first person or team to reach 20 points

You’re hungry and there are only so many waffles you can eat! Why not help yourself to a word game instead? Waffle Words is a fun new puzzle game that involves making as many words as you can from a set of scrambled letters. You have 20 seconds to think of as many words as possible. The longer the word, the more points it’s worth, but beware of falling into a trap by making awkward and unhelpful words such as “and” or “the”. If you get stuck, take a wild guess or check out the helpful hints. 

Get ready to be waffled. Get your thinking caps on and test your vocabulary skills with this challenging word game! Arrange the falling letters to make as many words as possible from the Mystery Word, before time runs out. There are no trick words here, just a whole lot of brain-bending word challenges. So sharpen those pencils, buckle up your Thinking Caps and get ready for a Waffling good

Exercise your brain with this fun and challenging word search game! Search for as many words as you can find in this list of waffle-themed clues. If you finish the puzzle without running out of time, challenge yourself to do it again but with a different set of letters. It’s like a crossword puzzle meets hidden words – an original idea that is sure to keep your brain

This is a fun word game that challenges your vocabulary, spelling and reading skills! Read the clues and find as many hidden words as you can. You only have 20 seconds to find each word, so think fast and be creative

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