Blood and Goods

Try to survive in this dark fantasy world by exploring, battling monsters, and managing your supplies. Keep an eye on your blood supply or become a monster’s

Blood and Goods is a creepy, monster-filled typing game with an adventure and battle elements. You are the manager of an old goods store that has been inherited by you. You have to manage this shop and protect it from the monsters trying to steal your goods while also upgrading it to sell more expensive items! There are two gameplay modes in this game – Adventure Mode and Battle Mode. In Adventure Mode, you will explore the world outside your store and find new items to sell in your shop. In Battle Mode, you have to defend your store from monsters trying to steal your goods. Let’s explore this game further

What happens when an impish inventor, a bookish scientist, and a sneaky accountant are locked in a basement laboratory together? If you love monsters, chaos and carnage! These three coworkers must band together to escape the basement lab and sabotage their evil overlords from destroying the world. They do this by typing words that release monsters which battle for them. But beware: Some words release more than one monster at once. That’s right; this game has blood and goods (and lots of both!) You can buy items to help you win battles or free your opponents from imprisonment with a well-placed

Bored? Stressed? Trying to cope with the pressure of school? Or maybe you just want to unwind with an entertaining game after a long day. Either way, we have the perfect solution for you. Type and Go is a fast-paced typing game that will test your reaction time and hand speed while having fun at the same time. Don’t believe us? Well, why don’t you try it out for yourself and see if we aren’t telling 

Let the hunt begin! Discover the secrets of the forest and find the hidden treasures in this word-adventure game. Help a young hunter explore an old mansion, uncovering its dark history and solving challenging riddles along the way. Do you have what it takes to survive this terrifying

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