Idle Monkeylogy

Idle Monkeylogy is an incremental idle game where you play as a monkey who progresses by upgrading his stats and unlocking new abilities. The more time you spend clicking, the faster your upgrades come! This game was built with Unity Google WebGL and Javascript. It also uses WebGL extensions like vertex textures and dynamic shader linking to achieve a smaller final build size. To see the code, visit our GitHub repo:- We will be releasing the full source code soon at:- you are interested in creating your own idle game, we have created an extensive document that outlines each element of this game 

Idle MonkeyLogy is a word and upgrade simulation game where you manage a group of monkeys to help them progress from primal beasts to cultured scholars. To achieve this, you must take care of their every need. You can feed them with fruit. If they’re chilly, give them some leaves. If they’re sad, give them a banana. And if they love reading books, give them the right upgrades to become intellectual apes! MonkeyLogy is an idle game that simulates the life of monkeys. It is similar to other upgrades-based simulators such as Idle Farmer or Idle Crafting games like Idle Ark or Idle Waffler. In this article, we will go through what it takes to build your own idle monkey simulation game with HTML5 

Idle Monkey is a fast-paced incremental idle game set in the world of virtual monkeys. In this game, your task is to help the monkeys increase their knowledge by upgrading their stats (memory, sight, smell, and hearing), unlocking new locations (jungle, arctic, and forest), and completing multiple challenges (packrat, speed reading, spelling bee). In this blog post we will show you how to implement a fast-paced incremental game with WebGL. We will use canvas> for visual elements and build the simulation logic with JavaScript. You can find the complete source code here. 

Idle Monkeylogy is a game where you upgrade monkeys, one click at a time. Upgrade their stats to get them working more efficiently, then upgrade the machines they work in to make them produce more per hour. Once you have enough coins, build new buildings and hire workers to increase productivity even further! If all that sounds like something you’d enjoy, read on and let’s get

Monkeylogy is a word-building idle game with a touch of simulation. YOU play as a tree-dwelling monkey that needs to upgrade his stats, skills and build his nest so you can help him climb the ladder

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