Unjumblitz is a fun puzzle game. In each level, you must find and reveal hidden words. There are different types of puzzles, so you will never get

Unjumble is a word search game that tests your vocabulary and your problem solving abilities. Each level starts with a grid of scrambled words in which some letters are replaced with other characters ‘h’ becomes an ‘x’). Your objective is to find and circle all the hidden words by clicking on them one at a time. The catch? You can only choose from four letters that are shown above the puzzle at any given time, and once you select one it remains unavailable for the rest of that round. So be strategic and work fast! If you’re having trouble beating your best score, there are hints available to assist you along the way. Are you ready to get

Let your mind come up with solutions for the given letters and find creative ways to combine them into words. In Unjumblitz you can choose from several different word puzzles which will keep you entertained for a long time. Unjumblitz is a new word puzzle game that challenges your creativity in finding solutions for given letters. It’s like a mix of crossword puzzles and cluster-word games, but played on hexagonal tiles instead of grids. 

In this exciting and challenging game, players have an opportunity to solve a jumbled word. Each puzzle has a word with letters that are mixed up. The task is to find the correct sequence of letters to form the word. But be aware - some puzzles are more difficult than they appear! Are you ready for this challenge?

The Unjumble-Blitz is a game to find words in an unordered set of letters. You can think of it as a combination of jumbled letters and the word search game. The objective of the game is to find words in the given set of letters by combining them. If you are new here and want to learn more

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