Shiritori is a Japanese word game that uses the first letter of a word to help you guess that word. The rules are fairly simple: You start with a keyword and then take turns typing words that contain its initial letter in their name. If the other player cannot guess your word, they must pass. For example, if your keyword is “ko” and the opponent has already typed “koala”, you could go on with words such as komaino (Japanese masked dance), koin (coin), komachi (ancient poetess), or kotatsu (a kind of low table with an electric heater

This game is a word game that originates from Japan. It involves typing words beginning with the same letter as quickly as possible. Some versions of the game also include secondary objectives, such as not using the same word twice in a row. This HTML5 version of This amazing game is played with 25 different categories animals, food, Japanese characters). With each new category that you win, you unlock another one. 

Everyone has heard of the Japanese word game “ This one ”. It is a game with simple rules and all you need to play it is a pencil and paper; or in this case, your keyboard and screen. Let’s find out if you are a master of the Japanese

Let's play Japanese word guessing game! If you love Japanese and want to practice your vocabulary, or just want to have some fun and test your knowledge of words that start with a certain letter. Then you are in the right

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