The Reader's Encounter

> Do you like solving tricky riddles? Do you like brain-teasing puzzles that force you think in a different way? Do you like reading about rich and interesting characters? If so, then this is the game for you! > The Reader is an interactive text-based game with puzzle elements. You play as Sam, a library employee who recently got fired from his job. But what seemed like a bad thing has actually turned into something quite fortunate: now he has all the time in the world to visit the public libraries and read all the books he wanted but didn’t have time for before. There’s just one small problem: everywhere he goes, he finds mysterious notes in red letters and pages torn out of books. Help Sam solve these puzzles and discover why someone wants to prevent him from reading! 

Be ready to dive deep into the world of fairy tales and old classics to find out the meaning of them all. The Reader’s Encounter game is a text-based, puzzle game that requires a lot of reading, thinking, analyzing and speaking in English. The game also tests your knowledge as well as logical thinking skills. There are 5 different levels and every level has its own set of puzzles to solve. You will encounter many obstacles while solving those puzzles, but by using your brainpower and logic, you can get through 

Readr is a new text-based game designed to challenge your reading and vocabulary skills. Each level of the game will present you with a set of words, a few sentences that make up a story, and some clues. Your task is to identify the correct word from the given options which could mean synonyms, antonyms or any other related word. All you need to do is solve as many levels as you can and improve your vocabulary tory and puzzle. The game has two modes: Normal and Time Challenge. The main objective of the Player is to help the Reader recover all the missing fragments of his memory. To achieve this, the Player will need to explore multiple locations, search for clues, solve puzzles, crack codes and much more. 

Are you a Reader or a Player? Unlock the hidden meanings behind this cryptic game by reading between the lines. Readers must find the hidden words in each paragraph and understand their context to find the final password. Test your logical thinking, read carefully and avoid traps. Do not let the Player win. Are you ready to play? 

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