Classic Hangman

Regular Hangman is boring and predictable. But, classic Hangman is a different beast altogether. In this version of the game, you need to solve logic puzzles — and not guess words or letters. You only have so many chances to guess the correct word before the creepy guy dies with his noose around his neck. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! With the help of this article, you will learn to build your own version of classic Hangman game from scratch. It will not only help you understand the principles behind it but also enable you to build similar games in future with ease. 

You have to think and act fast - or your friend is going to get hanged! In this challenging game you compete against the computer, or your friends if you dare. You need to guess all words in the correct order before your friend gets hung in the gallows with no chance of escape. In every round, there are more red hooks than green ones. If you miss a word, the green hooks will disappear one by one. So be careful and plan ahead what word not to miss so that your friend won't get hanged! 

The classic Hangman game with a twist. You will be given clues to help you figure out the mystery word. If you get stuck, keep guessing and sooner or later you will crack the code. How many words can you guess in this challenging puzzle? Keep track of how many clues you’ve used by clicking on them one by one as they disappear. This is an HTML5 game and should work on most modern

Everyone knows the classic Hangman game. The one where you are given a word and have to guess what it is by guessing letter by letter. If your guess is wrong, you lose another body part until you cannot make another wrong guess. That’s why they call it

Come and have fun testing your vocabulary and spelling skills. Play this online version of the classic Hangman game with your friends or classmates and see who can get the highest score. Have fun challenging

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