Plangman is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer with word and physics elements. The player controls a little purple creature named This one that can split into smaller versions of himself. Each version has its own unique properties and will react differently in the same environment. The game is divided into several levels with a short story in between them. Each level has the same goal: get to the exit while solving puzzles, avoiding dangers and helping friends along the way. This one also features an in-game shop where you can buy different hats for Plangman, each with a different ability and price not all! You can even design your own hats in the shop! 

This amazing game is a platform puzzle game with a story and physics-based jumping. This means you won't be able to jump on that pesky rock, but you can try throwing something at it and see if that works! The game has 120 levels and caters to both beginner and advanced players, with multiple challenges on each level. The players control two friends who adventure in the world of This game, solving puzzles together. Each player must use their wits and teamwork in order to advance through this magical don’t you accompany

Plankton, the world's cutest and cuddliest pest, has once again set his sights on world domination. This time, he's doing it by infiltrating the world of word-end answers. Armed with a bucketful of determination and an even bigger bucketful of silliness, our little friend is ready to tackle this new challenge head on. But he'll need your help! With your help, Plankton will create an army of masked arachnids to get revenge on those who have wronged him and take over their words in the process. Will you be joining

Plangman is a platform, word and physics based puzzle game. In this game you need to help the friendly blue platypus, This one, in his quest to find his friends icky and squENDY who have gone missing from their home in the forest. It’s up to you to guide This amazing game safely past obstacles and traps while finding his friends along the way. 

Plangman is a platform puzzle game with a story about two friends and their journey to reach the end of the world. In each level you need to get both characters from one place to another. Sounds easy, but the catch is that both characters have different abilities. Read on for more info and tips on how to solve each level in This game

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