Song For a Bird

Song For A Bird is an Challenging HTML5 Puzzle Game. Your Goal Is To Get The Bird Out Of The Cage By Solving The

In this challenging word and puzzle game you need to discover and combine words from falling letters. You have to find the hidden meaning in the scrambled word in order to combine it with another word. Once you have found a word, click on it and see if there is another word that can be created from its letters. If so, combine them and get a new word. But beware, it’s not as easy as it sounds! This game will challenge even the smartest of you. Are you ready? Let’s play Word Bird right

Song for a Bird is part of the "Arcadeend" trilogy by bart bonte, three HTML5 games with over 200 answers in total. Players will get to know an old wizard named ZeEND and his two helpers: PeEND and arEND. You will help these characters save the magical birds from the evil

Do you remember the good old days playing jigsaw puzzles? But with a twist! In this fun and challenging game, you won’t just put the image together, but also help a bird find its hidden nest. Sounds challenging? 

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