Text Twist

Text Twist is a challenging word guessing game that puts your typing skills to good use. The goal of the game is simple: find as many hidden words as possible before time runs out, without being caught by snoopers lurking in the shadows.

This game is a single player HTML5 Arcade Word Game. The aim of the game is to solve the scrambled word by typing it correctly before the timer runs out. You will be given a set of random letters to type, which are displayed in segments of three characters at a time. If you think you know what word it could be, you can attempt to type it as fast as possible before the timer runs out and move on to the next segment. There are two difficulties: - Easy (You have 5 seconds for each passage) - Hard (You have 3 seconds for each passage)

You can now play This amazing game on your mobile. This new HTML5 version has updated graphics and gameplay. In this educational arcade game, you type pre-selected words as fast as possible to destroy the letter tiles before they reach the top of the screen. Get combos for longer words and take risks to get bigger rewards. If you like this game, try also our other typing games like Spelling Bee, Typing Challenge or Hanja

Word Twist is a fun and challenging word game where you must unscramble letters to form words. You only have a limited amount of time so you must be quick! Each correct word you find will help reduce the timer, but be careful not to make too many mistakes or your time will run out. Each level introduces new twists on how words can be made from the same scrambled letters. There are three different game

This game is a free, fast-paced word-typing game with an additional twist. Race against the clock to type words before they disappear, while avoiding awkward and challenging twists. Each twist makes the next word harder to type. Check out this educational typing game and improve your typing

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