In the game Absurdle, players take turns attempting to guess a word from their opponent. Each word has had numerous letters removed, making it difficult to recognize it. The only way to be sure is to ask the opposing player if any of the missing letters are in that word. If not, you are aware that phrase can have that particular letter combination.
If you are able to eliminate phrases using these tips and your partner is unable to find the correct response, you win.

To guess a word, players must use examples of other words that start with the same letter. If the word was "abode," for instance, players may use "a place to live" as an example for "A" and "house" as an example for "H."

Choose a word that contains those letters—in this case, ABODE—to do this. The player then lists some other words that begin with those letters. We can utilize examples like ABOYENT, ABODE, and others up until we get it right in this circumstance!

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