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You know you’re a super smart person if even your phone is smarter than you. Smartphones are loaded with features that make our lives easier and more convenient, ranging from taking selfies to checking social media accounts at any given moment. But the convenience of our devices doesn't come without its disadvantages. Social isolation is a growing concern among modern societies with increasing levels of connectivity. People often find themselves spending less-than-optimal time with their friends and family members because they simply don’t have enough ‘down time’ in their schedules to spend time with them. In today’s world, it seems like everyone is always glued to their screens, which has created an identity crisis for modern technology as a whole. Some smartphones have even been developed specifically for people who feel this way, allowing them to interact with other humans without having access to advanced technology; these are known as ‘eccentric phones’ or ‘eccentric phones for introverts’. If you think your smartphone could use some extra help from an extroverted friend, read on for 6 ways your phone can be made

The game of words will test your vocabulary and spelling skills. The game is about swiping the letters from the board to create words. It is a combination of several different word games, such as Word Search, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and Jargon. Sherlock Holmes Word Search app is made to be compatible with all Android devices running version 4.1 or above. If you like word games or crossword puzzles, this app is for you! You can play against the clock or play without limits to see how far you can go in solving puzzles before time runs out. This app provides users with challenging puzzles that are sure to keep them occupied for a long time! The game features more than 30 different puzzle packs that cover a variety of themes and subject matters as well as two bonus packs: Word Detective and Sherlock Holmes Hidden objects. The content available within each puzzle pack has been carefully selected by our team based on their availability throughout the world so that no matter where in the world you are, there’s always an appropriate pack available for you!

Games are important elements of our lives. From childhood to old age, everyone plays games. Games enable people to communicate, socialize and have fun together. In fact, some psychologists believe that games are one of the most accessible ways in which we can all play together. This article lists 50 top words for vocabulary improvement if you’re into word games. When playing word games, it is important to know the meanings of the words being used as they will be central to your strategy. Knowing the meanings of these 50 words will help you in any game that involves crossword puzzles or scrabble tiles; especially if you are looking to improve your vocabulary for reading comprehension and writing skills. You will also encounter these words fairly frequently on standardized tests such as SATs and GREs where language abilities have been an area of focus since their inception. Read on for more details about each word, its meaning, origin, pronunciation and examples of usage wherever

Word games are fun! Whether you're killing time and waiting, or looking for a new game to play that doesn't take up much of your time, word games can be the perfect fit. Depending on your interests, there are many different types of word games you can choose from. However, most of them revolve around finding hidden meanings in words. Word games test your vocabulary and reading skills. And if you’re lucky enough to also test your logic skills while you’re at it - even better! Here are some fun word games to play so you don’t get bored this

Crosswords are a wonderful way to challenge your brain, test your vocabulary and increase your knowledge. Crosswords can be found everywhere from newspapers and magazines to apps on our smartphones. They can also be played online by logging into one of the many crossword providers or via an app for various mobile devices. Please have the fun experience in this crossword puzzle

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