Tangram Grid

Tangram is a logic-based puzzle. You can think of it as a combination of math and Tetris. The objective is to arrange seven different geometric shapes into a perfect square. Sounds easy? Give it a try and you’ll know how challenging it can get! This awesome tangram game will test your ability as well as improve your problem-solving skills. It also serves as an excellent way to train your brain and keep your mind active in a fun way. Keep reading to find out

Tangram is a logic puzzle where you fit different shapes into a grid. It is common in Asian countries and also known as “LesENDENKADER” or “HUNGENDORF” There are many versions of Tangram, but the most common one uses seven different geometric figures from ancient China: the triangle, square, circle, pentagon, hexagram, and upside-down pyramid. In this article we will check out some cool tangram

Tangram is a logic puzzle consisting of 7 different geometrical figures, called tangram pieces or just tangrams. Each of these pieces has its own name and unique usage. You can use them to create different shapes with your imagination. The goal of this game is to assemble the puzzle so that it completes a particular shape with no leftover pieces. Sounds Interesting? Try and improve

Tangram is a classic brain-teasing puzzle. The objective of this game is to find a hidden figure in the given irregular shaped pieces. This Tangram Grid Challenge will test your logic, problem-solving skills and endurance. With each correct answer you advance to another level with more challenging puzzles. How fast can you complete the grid? Will you be able to get all the way to the end? 

Tangram is a logic puzzle with seven different geometric shapes. It requires you to find the correct placement for these shapes to make a complete picture. It’s an old brain teaser that has become quite popular again. Try your hand today at our 7- tangram game and see if you can crack

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