Spelling bee

To play this game, you simply need to glance at the image before typing the word. You can text by using the keyboard or the letters displayed on the screen. Clicking with the mouse appears to take a lot longer than clicking with the keyboard. Therefore, if you want to achieve a decent grade, use the keys.

The first stage is choosing a set of content to work with. Each of the 30 sets offered in this game has about 25 objects to spell. Each notion must have a single explanation, and each image must be accompanied by an audio clip that plays as soon as the image is displayed.

It is possible for you to upload your own audio and image assets. When you arrive at the content selection screen, click the "add" button. They let you select images from your desktop computer, and those images are then added and shown on the screen. The target word that has to be spelled is determined by the file names of the photographs you supply. The word "beach vacation" is the target to spell for an image that contains it. However, by clicking on the textbox next to the image, you can edit the desired wording. Numbers and other special characters are not allowed in this game and are immediately deleted from the content screen, which is very crucial to note. This is due to the on-screen keyboard's limited character set.

There is also a clock that counts down as you spell the words. You lose and the game is over if the timer runs out before the end of the round. Once you have correctly spelled every item in the content set, the game is over and the scores screen appears. As you go through the sets, the countdown meter ought to quicken. The game should therefore get more difficult as a result. Nothing horrible happens if you accidentally click the wrong letter; just try again until you get it correctly. When learning how to spell unfamiliar words, this method includes some trial and error.

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