In the word search game Semantle, your objective is to locate concealed words on the grid. You are provided an alphabetical list of letters as a hint for each word. After finding every word, you can try again to beat your previous record.

as there are no letters in it and you must infer words from their clues. After you finish the game, you can try it again to check if you got a perfect score.

Playing this game is quite easy. You must ascertain the meaning of a word after being provided it. You must, however, deduce the word from the suggestions that are offered along with it.

You are given five tips to help you figure out the word. Before moving on to the next clue, put the answer you think you know into the blank spot. If you guess wrong, you have to try again until you pronounce all five words properly.

If the term were "TENDER," one of your signals might be "Something that's soft or touched frequently." As a result, knowing that TENDER refers to the upper surface of beef may enable you to narrow down your options for the other four clues.

It becomes harder as you advance through the stages. With each hint, the number of words from which to choose is reduced. Consequently, give this one a try if you're looking for a challenging word game!


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