Monster School Challenges

Just in case you didn’t know, there are a lot of crazy monsters out there. Some are shy and some are just plain mean. If you ever get the chance to take on one of these baddies – run.

The Monster School is a school for ghouls and other monsters. These creatures learn how to hunt better, learn new skills, and protect their turf from human encroachment. One day, the kids are playing hide-and-seek when they discover something strange about the forest: every time there’s a full moon, the animals become wilder and more dangerous. The only way to keep them safe is by keeping them locked up at night. But what if you don’t have any lock keys? What if you don’t even have any doors? And what if you don’t have any walls either? Sounds like an easy challenge to start with – going to the Monster School! In this game you are going to play as a student who wants to visit monster school but unfortunately he doesn't have his own key or even door key that will let him in. He asks around until he finds out that it's not possible unless your parents were ever once in graduagating from that school as well. He hears some rumors of other students who also didn't get their key so he sets out on an adventure with his friends to see if they're true or not. And maybe things get even stranger when he meets one of the people who made it his home after graduating from that school and sends him on an epic quest in hopes of finding his way into the building. once again and show the world what those graduates have seen long

It’s that time of the year again! Time to send those kids off to camp and start thinking about those summer plans. Camp sure does bring back so many good memories, doesn’t it? After all, who wouldn’t love spending their time with friends and family instead of being cooped up at school? Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to make it this year. Lots of children are getting injured or dying at camps these days. It seems like every week there’s a new horror story making headlines. Is something really wrong with kids today? Do not worried; We have some ideas on what could help with that. Let's just hope for them

Ooooh, the monsters are back! And they’re ready for another round of challenges and brain busting games. The latest installment in this popular series of games revolves around a new set of characters called the Monster School Kids. This time around, the kids have to face all kinds of monster-themed problems with their books. How will our heroes solve these puzzles? Let’s find out

Today's Monster School Challenge is a unique brain game which trains your brain. The goal of the game is to help little kids by challenging them with certain mini-games. The rules are simple, you just have to think logically and be quick enough to complete the What do you think? Are you ready to face this challenge? 

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