Join Blocks 2048 Number Puzzle

Are you ready to get your mind thinking, fingers moving and brain racing? Block Crush is the brand new 2048 number puzzle game that will have you hooked from the

Do you like 2048 number game? Try this challenging, wooden blocks based version of the game! Your task is to destroy as many blocks as possible by combining them and matching their numbers. You have to smash same coloured blocks together to destroy them, but be careful not to get stuck! Every time you eliminate a cluster of at least 4 identical tokens new ones appear on the board. You win when there are no more moves left. How to play:  > Choose one of three difficulty levels: easy (28), medium (42) or hard (56). > On easy difficulty the new blocks will appear almost instantly; on hard it takes much longer for them to appear again. > Click on two adjacent blocks with the same number and they will combine into one block with double value. > If you combine two identical numbers with values that make a third number, such > as combining 5 and 5 or 2 and 7, then those tokens will be destroyed. If not they reappear on the board after some time > elapses. > The only exception is that you cannot combine -digits with -digits because these will not result in any smaller values.  

Do you love games? Do you love blocks? Then you will fall in love with this puzzle game! Crush Blocks is a new and exciting number puzzle game that challenges your mind and tickles your senses. Have fun crushing the blocks, breaking the numbers and solving the puzzles to win! This number puzzle game will bring back memories of playing with wooden blocks as a child, but with a grown-up twist. This is a challenging, mind-bending strategy game suitable for all ages. Each block has different numbers on it, but they all add up to 20. You can only move a block if it doesn’t break another block or cross over another one. Think carefully about where you put each

Smash Up The Blocks to clear the board and win. This is a classic puzzle game that anyone can play. It's easy at first, but get ready for some challenges! You will have to think strategically and plan your moves before you make them. Can you achieve the highest score and become the ultimate 2048 Blocks Master? Challenge your friends to see who can reach 4096 blocks first or beat the game with the least amount of moves!

Have you ever tried to solve a wooden blocks puzzle game? If not, it’s time for you. Playing this addictive game can help your brain work faster and recognize patterns quicker. Get ready to crush those numbers and get your mind going with this awesome new 2048 number puzzle game!

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