Word Hurdle is a great game for players of all ages because of its straightforward rules. You can start playing right away; you don't need to practice first.
The UI of the game is divided into 6x6 squares, representing the number of letters in the word you must figure out. The feature that makes this game special is the ability to test an infinite number of wrong words and correct them until the right phrase is discovered. If you guessed correctly, the appropriate letter and location will be displayed in blue. If the correct letter is in the wrong place, it will show up in yellow, and if your guess of the word is completely off, it will show up in gray.

An odd aspect of word hurdle is that the colors that you mistakenly estimate will always show up on the keyboard's display. Once you've correctly predicted every column, you've colored every key on your keyboard.

Use Word Hurdle to check what words people are using and to get a sense of the themes that are trending at any given time. Simply enter a message to see a stunning visual depiction of the words being used.

Playing Word Hurdle

A six-letter word can be solved in six attempts.

Green: the letter is in the proper place.

Gray: The term does not contain the letter.

Yellow: the letter is there, but it's in the wrong place.


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