Human Vehicle

Human vs Vehicles is a hyper casual game where you have to drive around the city and avoid crazy drivers. You have to do it for as long as possible, without getting hit by any car or truck. Are you ready to test your reflexes and skills? The game has simple controls and is really easy to get into. You can use one hand at all times, which makes it perfect for when you want to play a quick session on the bus or train. If you like this game, stay tuned for future updates with new vehicles, environments, and

Human vs. Vehicle is a hyper casual game where you need to help the people get out of the impending danger and let the vehicle pass through. It’s like a combination of all things that are related to vehicles. The game has three modes – practice, arcade, and endless. Practice mode gives you an opportunity to master your driving skill with other human players while in arcade mode you will compete against AI-controlled cars which can be quite challenging at times. Let’s read more about this game and see if it’s something you would like to

Human Vehicle is a hypercasual arcade game where you control different vehicles and their driver. Your goal is to make sure that every single vehicle reaches its destination safe and sound. The gameplay is pretty simple but hard to master. You need to control two characters at the same time and make sure that both of them don’t crash into anything or anyone along the way. You can switch between the driver and his car at any moment, making sure that your little buddy doesn’t get hit by an obstacle or another car. Don’t let your friend drive drunk or you will have to repair his car after finishing each level. Have fun with this new awesome game and see how far you can get before losing all

Human vs Vehicle is a hypercasual game where you control a Human or a Vehicle, in this case, car, truck or any other vehicle. The idea is to get as many points as possible when crossing the finish line or passing through gates without crashing with other players. There are different vehicles and each one has different characteristics The game has the same principles of another hit game called “ENDLESS HIGHWAY” where you need to drive for as long as you can without crashing into others cars. Check out the video and download it from Google Play Store! ENDLESS HIGHWAY GAMEPLAY

Human vs Vehicle is an exciting car driving game with lots of challenges. Drive fast and furious vehicles, explore the open world and beat other players. You can drive a variety of unique vehicles, from a standard car to a monster truck. This game will keep you entertained for

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