Hyper Casual is the fastest growing segment of the gaming market. With so much competition in the mobile space, developers are looking for ways to stand out and capture the attention of

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Hyper Casual is a sub-genre of Casual Games that typically involves shorter, 5- to 10-minute gameplay sessions and limited user interaction. These games are less about challenging your skills as they are about keeping you happily engaged while also offering some sort of secondary reward system (like social or secondary in-game economy). They’re often brightly colored, grid-based, and maybe even a little psychedelic. The Match-3 and Hypercasual Genres are two of the most popular game types out there. Both offer similar core gameplay elements, but with their own twists on the standard formula. Let’s dive in and discover why both game types are so popular

Play a new game of combining at every level! The rules are simple: combine identical tiles and remove them from the playing field. Sounds easy? Well, let’s see how you deal with this challenge. In Hyper Casual Crush, you have to remove all the tiles from the board by combining them with others that add up to five or three. Sounds simple again? Let’s find out if you can handle this

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