Color Quest Colors Game

Hypercasual games are a new breed of mobile games that prioritize simplicity and user retention. They’re “Short, fast, and fun” experiences that players can pick up anytime with minimal

A fast-paced arcade game that will test your visual acuity and reaction speed. Simple and addictive, it's the perfect time killer when you're waiting in line or have a few minutes to spend.

Are you ready for the ultimate color challenge? Color Quest is a fast-paced arcade game where the player must identify colors as quickly as possible. In this colorful world, everything is black and white - or rather, red, blue, yellow, and green. Keep track of the different colors by tapping on them when you see them. As you progress through the game, everything will be buckled up and ready to take on any challenge

Color Quest is a brand new casual arcade game that challenges your concentration and reaction skills. The game features simple one-touch controls where you have to tap on the same colored cubes while avoiding all other colored cubes as they fall from above. Every time you succeed, you advance to a more difficult level with faster falling speeds and more challenging colored cubes.

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge of your visual memory and attention? Are you sharp enough to find the same color in a grid of different colors? Let's find out! This amazing, fast-paced and super addictive game will test your visual skills, logic and strategy.In each level, there are several tiles with different colors. Your goal is to find squares of the same color in the game

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