Bridge Control

Bridge Control is an HTML5 game inspired by the old school classic Nintendo arcade game called “Tetris”. The player has to use the available pieces to build a bridge and allow the train to pass safely through it. Kids will love this new take on a fun game! In this fun kids game, you have to control the train using the given pieces and build a safe bridge for it to cross. Sounds challenging? Yes, indeed! But don’t worry; we have tips for you. If you like playing games that require your attention, problem solving skills and strategic thinking, then this is just perfect for you! Let’s get started with these

Bridge Control is a hyper casual game with top-down view and minimalist graphics. The goal of the game is to help the car drive safely to the end of each level by controlling the bridge. In order to do that, you need to put up the bridge when there’s no car coming from below, but lower it when one appears. If a car falls into the river, you lose. It sounds simple but it gets challenging pretty fast! There are 40 handcrafted levels in this version with more coming

Have you ever tried walking and trying to not look at the same place, at the same time? It is extremely difficult! So, how about making it harder and adding some obstacles in your way? The Bridge Control game will test your concentration and focus as you must help a little green monster get across a bridge without falling. How? By keeping an eye on the platforms where he can stand and watching out for any danger lurking ahead. Sounds easy enough? 

So the kids have been going to their local park once a week for soccer practice. And every time you go, they’re playing this same bridge game. You’ve had enough of watching them run back and forth, dodging cones, kicking balls into nets, and climbing rope ladders. You want to play something more exciting than that stupid bridge game again! How about making your own game

Did you ever play the classic game of “Oh no! A Bridge!” and cringe at the thought of passing that bridge? Now imagine that same game but with cute little trucks, an animated frog and the cutest fox you have ever seen. Did we just blow your mind? That’s because this is not your average bridge There are some changes that were made to increase the fun

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